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Betti White

B.A., B.A., J.D.

From Penticton General to Pen-High, Betti was born and raised in Penticton, BC. Betti left after graduation but made sure to return as often as possible to see her family and enjoy the Okanagan until her recent (and permanent) return in 2020.

Betti acquired her first Bachelor of Arts (Intercultural Studies) in Saskatchewan followed by her second Bachelor of Arts (English) in Alberta before attending law school at Thompson Rivers Law in Kamloops, BC.

Throughout her schooling in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Betti worked and found herself to be entrepreneurial. In the years prior to law school, Betti started a small-business which eventually grew and led to an expansion from Alberta to Saskatchewan. Betti enjoyed the process of starting her company and advised others related to the process until she attended law school.

Upon graduation from law school, Betti articled in Alberta before being called to the bar in both Alberta and British Columbia prior to her return to Penticton BC in 2020.

Betti is known for her ability to explain family law concepts simply and clearly as she believes that the client who understands fully will have better peace of mind in the process. Betti is also known for her focused and fearless litigation style, defending her clients’ interests against family violence ranging from coercive control to death threats, criminal charges and child alienation. She is a strategic planner and has the ability to provide practical, real-life advice related to each clients’ needs, goals and circumstances.

Betti enjoys all the good things the Okanagan has to offer and looks forward to every festival, every year.

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