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Senior Family Lawyer

(Consultation Only)

This position is one wherein W&C team members can learn from experience in the field. We hope to find someone who has either recently left practice for retirement but is looking to remain involved or someone remaining in practice who hopes to lend their knowledge to a team of passionate professionals. The right hire for this position would be able to clearly communicate in writing and over the phone, have the technical acumen to video-call (if remote) and have a love of learning and desire to teach the next generation of legal professionals. This position can be remote as we are looking for a senior practitioner's knowledge, experience, perspective and legal acumen.


Limited Hours/Remote only : $50,000 - $75,000 or Hourly commiserate with experience

Full-Time/Remote or Hybrid: $75,000 - $100,000+

Maybe you've always wanted to move to the Okanagan, walk up to a beautiful old house full of rowdy legal keeners, and talk their ears off about how things were in 'your day'. Because we'd love to meet you.

Junior Family Lawyer


This position is one wherein the right hire will come eager to learn what they don't know, teach what they do know and embrace the rough and tumble nature of family law. This position comes with full support inclusive of systems for everything from intake of new clients to closing the file.

Maybe you've had some experiences at other firms where you didn't fit because you were too loud, too direct, too clear with what you needed or too eager. We'd love to meet you.


Full-Time (1-3 year call): $75,000 plus 50% after baseline receivables.

Senior Family Law Paralegal

(Consultation and/or In-House)

W&C believes that paralegals are professionals in their own right, and that their experience and skillset should be compensated. The right hire will be a paralegal with 15+ years working in family law in BC, and ideally will have recently retired with a desire to remain involved or is considering retirement and wishes to supplement it.  This position's hours can range from part time to full time pending the needs of the right applicant, can be remote or in-house and compensation will be discussed with the right candidate.

Maybe you think you would like to work less and earn the same as you ease into retirement. Maybe you think you would like to keep working but want to take more time off. Maybe you are tired of working daily and want to have a part time schedule or want to only work mornings. We'd love to meet you.


Full-Time (15+ years experience): $75,000 plus percentage of responsible lawyer's receivables after baseline receivables. Projected income $93,000 - $123,000.

Consultation (15+ years experience): $80 - $120 /hr (Remote 15-25/hrs week)


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